Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's been a year

It's been a year now since I had my brain tumour removed and I'm feeling good. I will be checked every year, with an MRI, for the next seven years to check that there is no regrowth.

Grandson Arthur is growing up fast now. He starts school in September, what will we do on a Friday now?

I am now getting better with my cardmaking, though not nearly as good as some of the clever ladies on Facebook.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Catching Up

Oh gosh, I had forgotten I started this blog, way back in 2011.
Well a lot has happened to me since then, but I guess the major event for me was having had a brain tumour removed. It happened after two years investigation into a balance problem, I was told on 22nd May 2013 that something had been found in my brain that shouldn't be there.
On 17th June I had my first seizure and things happened very fast after that. I was admitted to Hurstwood Park Neurological Unit on 18th June, where they gave me all sorts of drugs to get the seizures under control. Once they were under control I was told I would be operated on on 26th June (my birthday) but due to lack of beds in ICU it was delayed until 27th.
The surgeon explained that it was a Meningioma, luckily benign. He had managed to remove it all, but I would be checked annually to ensure it hadn't grown back.
My next appointment with the neurosurgeon is on 15th May.

Then on 17th December, whilst delivering neighbours' Christmas cards, I fell and broke my upper humerus, just below my shoulder. Just what I needed for Christmas. 

My husband and younger son have been fantastic during these periods, Ian taking on all the cooking and my husband, Dave, doing all the housework and fetching and carrying for me.

On a more cheerful note, every Friday we look after our little grandson, Arthur, tiring but we love it. I cannot believe he will be 4 years old on 22nd April.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

What a year?

I just hope that 2012 will be a better year for my husband and myself healthwise. But we are certainly looking forward to Christmas, spending it with son and daughter in law Steve and Emma and grandson Arthur.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

On a learning curve

A friend suggested I sign up to this site to post photos of my loved ones.

So I will start with my two lovely grandsons, Lewis and Arthur